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Our vision is to be a leading Australian natural products company and a champion of Australian eucalyptus oil. We strive to operate as an ethically responsible corporate citizen and to adopt environmentally sustainable practices throughout our business.

The heart of soul of our business is eucalyptus oil – a natural product that is an Australian household favourite, known and loved for its multiple uses. Producing this natural resource in a sustainable way is a cornerstone of our commitment to responsible and sustainable practices.

Eucalyptus oil – a sustainable resource

  • Eucalyptus oil is a sustainable and renewable resource
  • The trees use only sun, soil and rain for growth
  • Biomass (cut leaf) is steam distilled to produce eucalyptus oil
  • Harvesting results in the trees sending up new growth after each harvest
  • After steaming, the remaining leaf and stick is used as a fuel in the distillery
  • We’re working to dramatically increase eucalyptus oil production in Australia.
  • Over 4 million trees have been planted to date, with plans for further expansion ahead.

Ethical sourcing

We are committed to conducting our business in a way that is fair, ethical and sustainable. As such, staff and suppliers must abide by the obligations and expectations in relation to human rights standards, ethical sourcing, sustainable procurement.   

Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO)

We have been a signatory of Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation since 2005. The aim is to reduce waste through improvements to consumer packaging and developing economically viable and sustainable practices.

Sustainable design

Our head office design is focused on reducing environmental impacts. Natural lighting is key, enhanced through double glazing, clerestory highlight windows and 3 light courts.

In-house utilities include low lighting density levels and motion sensors, efficient air-conditioning, solar-pre heated and gas-powered hot water system and water-efficient fittings and fixtures, as well as diversion of rainfall runoff into a 20,000L tank for toilets.

Building materials have been specified to include only sustainable timber and reinforcing steel containing 100% recycled material.

All finishes have low-volatile organic compounds and all external materials used are non-toxic.

To further promote environmental actions from our team, undercover and secure bicycle racks have been installed and recycling bins built into kitchen area.

Given our passion for trees, landscaping was essential. Drought tolerant native trees were planted and mulched using a by-product from eucalyptus oil production. There are over 3500 plants and shrubs on the site, all watered through the 70,000 litre water tank, filled with rain water run-off from the warehouse roof. The rain-water tank is used for the reticulated sprinkler system and is the sole method of watering the garden.